10 Must Have Kitchen Gifts and Gadgets

September 9, 2021

By: Miranda Lamb

Hanging out in the kitchen is my happy place. Now, I know that not everyone wants to spends hours in the kitchen. But no matter if you are in the kitchen for the joy of it or out of necessity, everyone likes kitchen gifts and and gadgets that make life easier! Here is my list of practical kitchen cookware tools that you and your family will love. No kitchen gadget will be collecting dust here!

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Must Have Kitchen Gifts and Gadgets

Whether you want to give as a gift or gift to yourself, these are the kitchen gadgets I use all the time!

Fiskie Kitchen Gadget

My husband actually discovered this wisk/ spatular wonder! My daughter and I loved it so much we bought another one and also gave one to my kitchen gadget loving sister-in-law. Fiskie (commonly called “friskie” in our home:) come in two handle lengths! Perfect for flipping eggs or bacon in the skillet. The best for making sauces as you can stir AND wisk. If you only add one item to your kitchen, then make it this one!

Pie Crust Shield

Pie crust shields protect the crust of your beautiful pie from becoming too brown. I can’t believe I waited so long to purchase one of these. This little shield fits perfectly over your pie crust and prevents it from burning while your pie finishes cooking. It makes a wonderful additional to any baker’s kitchen gadgets.

One little trick I use, put pie into oven and cook for 10 minutes. Then carefully place pie shield on crust. This prevents the pie shield from pressing down on your uncooked outer crust and smashing your carefully crafted design. After about 10 minutes the pie crust has had a little time to cook and will keep its form even after the pie shield is placed on top.

Spice and Citrus Zester

After you have had pumpkin pie or nutmeg muffins with fresh nutmeg, there is no going back. I reach for my spice zester multiple times a week. A little whole ginger or whole nutmeg zest makes such a difference!

My mom bought me one of these zesters and I didn’t thing much of it since I had a zester section on my cheese grater. But after you experience how handy this little zester is, not to mention that it decreases the likelihood of scraped knuckles, you will thank me!

Perfect for a foodie’s Christmas stocking or as a little something you give to yourself!

Stainless Steel Measuring Cups, Perfect Kitchen Gift

One of my most treasured kitchen tools is my Williams and Sonoma measuring cups and spoons. Kinda like the modern version of granny’s iron skillet, these will last forever! My younger brother bought me a set of these 20 years ago. The measuring cups and spoons are so well made. They have a nice heavy weight to them and look exactly the same. And I use them multiple times a day! This kitchen gadget is built to last!

At around $40 the measuring cups are definitely more pricey than a set you can pick up at Wal-mart. But it you want to surprise a baker with a gift they will keep on loving, than this kitchen tool is the perfect find!

Ninja Professional Blender and Food Processor

A good blender is priceless to have in the kitchen. When you are purchasing equipment for your kitchen make sure to check out the watts! The Ninja Professional Blender and Food Processor Combo has over 1500 watts. You may find a seemingly “better deal” but be careful that the watts are high enough for what you plan to use it for.

I use my Ninja to make smoothies, with blended up ice and for making almond butter or flour which requires chopping up nuts and it never fails me. Before I was using a blender I bought at a garage sale! Yikes! While I’m glad I checked out that I really would use a blender, I was constantly frustrated by the lack of power in my cheapo blender.

Another amazing feature about the blender/ food processor combo is the individual smoothie cups. You can just fill the cup and then pop it on the blender to make a quick individual smoothie that is super easy to clean up in the dishwasher!

I have been using my Ninja blender for over 5 years and the only thing I have had to replace was the small blade piece for the individual smoothie cups. And we use our Ninja multiply times each week. This kitchen appliance has a permanent place on my counter!!

Silicone Mats for Baking

Silicone mats will make you look like an even better baker. Silicone mats lay down in your baking sheets and can be used over and over. They keep your cookies and biscuits from burning on the bottom and can be easily washed.

They can also be used for freezing items, as frozen food will easily pop off the silicone mats. You can use them when rolling out rolls or pie crusts.

My silicone mats have help up very well and clean up with soap and water. Even burned food (not that I’ve ever burned anything:) will come off with just a little soaking.

Silicone Oven Mitts

Don’t these look so handy? These silicone oven mitts by Gorilla Grip will have you safe and styling (psst…they come in red:)! My bestie, who is a foodie, loves her silicone oven mitts. I actually received a small silicone mitt with my air fryer and love how it both grips and protects your hands.

And when I am pulling something heavy out of the oven these would be so nice to have! And I’m loving that because they are waterproof, they can be easily washed. Say goodbye to stained oven mitts!

Oxo Vegetable Peeler is a Must Kitchen Gadget

After a visit from my mom she told me she was going to order me a Oxo Good Grips Swivel peeler. Sure enough Amazon delivered this kitchen gadget later that week. I wasn’t sure why, I mean I already had one.

But using this peeler one time WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Seriously! This gadget sat in my drawer, unopened for a few days, but after I tried it, it is the only peeler I reach for. Even my husband was like, “This is amazing.” You know you have discovered a gem of a kitchen tool when your husband notices.

Lovely gift for someone who loves to hang out in the kitchen or who struggles with arthritis or hand pain!

Meat Chopper Kitchen Tool

Every kitchen needs one of these! A meat chopper is so versatile so it is perfect for the mom who is only feeding her kids so they live OR for the person who loves to be in the kitchen creating!

My husband purchased the meat chopper, for me, on the recommendation of my gadget loving sister-in-law. She had been raving on and on about how it made the beef seemingly multiply in the pot. The meat chopper is amazing for chopping up ground beef as you brown in the skillet or pot. And I am crazy about the fact that it cleans so easily.

But the meat chopper is so handy for a ton of other kitchen jobs. It works as a handy pastry cutter, mashing up potatoes, chopping up fruit for sauces and syrups and more. You will find yourself reaching for this simple gadget as it is safe for any surface and so quick to clean!

Silicone Measuring Cups

This is my most recent acquisition! Once again my husband bought me this new kitchen gadget (I’m seeing a trend here:). I was honestly a little skeptical. I wasn’t sure if I would like them. But after trying them for several months, I am SOLD! The silicone measuring cups are super handy to pop in microwave, melt butter or chocolate. And I LOVE that they clean up so easy. I can easily melt my dark chocolate in the measuring cups, dip my Keto truffles and clean them quickly!

What is your favorite kitchen gift or gadget??

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