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How To Purchase Beef

Learn what to expect when you purchase beef wholesale, from start to finish!


Join our farming adventures and find quick family recipes here!

Buying Local wholesale Beef

How to Purchase Local Freezer Beef

We know that purchasing beef wholesale is a great choice for your family. But we also know it can be a little confusing the first time or two. We want to walk you through the process and help answer your questions!

The Local Farm

Individually Packaged Beef

Would you like to purchase some of our Individually packaged beef? Many of our customers like to buy individually packaged beef that we keep on site due to freezer space or just wanting to sample our beef before purchasing wholesale. Learn more about our individually packaged beef here!

food and Family

Family Meal Time

At Hickory Hollow Farm, we want to help you make meal time easier. And while it is so exciting to now have a variety of cuts in your freezer, it can feel a little intimidating! Don’t worry! We have lots of recipes and ideas for you. That way you can enjoy all your beef cuts and spend more time treasuring your family time over a delicious meal.  

Head over here for more simple family recipes we love! And savor all the delicious meals you can make with the variety of cuts in your wholesale beef cut package!


Why Hickory Hollow Farm?

At Hickory Hollow Farm, we raise our cattle the way your Grandpa did. Our cattle are pasture raised on grass in the summer and hay in the winter. They are grain finished. All our cattle are hormone free. And we take pride in raising much of our own hay and feed.

"Delicious beef!! And wonderful people who are willing to walk you through the process and explain it! It’s a family favorite!"
Stephanie Reese
Mom to 5 and Owner of Simply Magical Designs
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We don’t just want to sell you beef. We want to help you make more family experiences! More back yard cook-outs. More family get togethers. And plenty of memorable meals shared with friends!

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