How to Purchase Wholesale Beef

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Buying Delicious Local Beef for Your Family

Ready to fill your freezer with delicious locally grown freezer beef? 

At Hickory Hollow Farm, we think family is pretty darn important. So we know that you want the best for your family too. Let us walk you through the process of purchasing beef. Then you can make the best choice for your family with as few surprises as possible!

At Hickory Hollow Farm, we sell beef by the whole, half or quarter. You may also be interested in our wholesale ground beef specials. If so be sure to join our email list by filling out the short form at bottom of page to be first to be notified.

Purchasing Local Pasture Raised Beef From the Farm

At Hickory Hollow farm we raise our beef hormone implant free. Unlike most commercially raised cattle, we never implant hormones in our cattle. Our cattle spend their summers on local pastures eating grass. In the fall, they are moved to their winter pastures to give our fields rest as we try to rotate our land. And we move the cattle closer in winter so that we can give them premium hay, the majority of which we raise, and make sure they have access to water. 

Our cattle are grain finished, on a mixture that we make on the farm. This adds a nice flavor and a rich marbling to the steaks  

How Do I Order Beef Wholesale?

Our premium Angus beef is $3.50 per pound of hanging weight for fall 2023 and spring 2024. Average whole beef is 600-800 lbs, half is around 340-410 lbs and a quarter is 160-220 lbs. Each animal is different so these are just average hanging weights which will vary each time you purchase. 

When you decide to purchase beef wholesale you first request the next available processing date. We typically are booked out about 3-5 months in advance. If you wish to have a date further out you may also choose a specific month. 

Upon requesting a beef processing date, we will tell you the next processing date available. A processing date is the date that your beef will go to the butcher. Once your beef is at the butcher it will be 3-4 weeks before your beef cut package will be ready to pick up. This allows your beef to age in an controlled environment for maximum flavor and tenderness.

For example, you can choose the first available processing date (currently November 2023). Or you may know that your family will need more beef by May 2024, so you would choose a April 2024 processing date.

How Do I Secure My Beef Processing Date?

After you have requested a processing date, you will send in a deposit to hold your processing date. You have 10 days to secure your spot by paying a deposit.

Currently, we accept payments of cash, personal check or Venmo @hickoryhollowfarm (no s). 

  • $200 for a whole beef
  • $150 for ½ beef
  • $100 for ¼ beef
If for some reason something was to change, please let us know 60 days beforehand that you do not wish to reserve that processing date. 

How Do I Place My Beef Cut Order?

We will notify you when your beef is at the processor. You will then contact the processor and put in your order. We are happy to chat with you about your general choices. And the processor will be able to walk you through the specifics on your beef package options. 

You will also let processor know if you wish to have any cuts, such as steaks, vacuum packed.

One of the big questions to ask yourself is approximately how much of your order do you want processed into ground beef. This is a family preference. Some families want a lot of ground beef with a few steaks. Other families want half of their order in ground beef, and they want the rest in steaks and roasts.  To take advantage of buying your beef straight from a local farm, you will want to be sure to order a variety of cuts! You can order ground beef, Ribeyes, flank steak, cube steak, short ribs, Porterhouse, NY strip, chuck roasts, brisket and more!

How Much Does a Half a Beef Cost?

Several weeks after your beef goes to the processor, we will contact you with the hanging weight of your beef. Your hanging weight multiplied by $3.50, minus your deposit will be your total amount still due for your wholesale beef.

You then send the remaining amount for beef to Miranda Lamb via check or by Venmo (@hickoryhollowfarm). You must send in remaining payment BEFORE picking up your beef.

Typically, within the week you will receive a call from processor that your beef package is ready for pick up. You will pay the packaging fee directly to Xenia Meats upon pick-up. Xenia Meats updated processing fee is $1 per lb of hanging weight. 

If you have never bought beef wholesale you are probably wondering what a ¼ or ½ typically cost. In general a ½ beef costs around $1720 for 370lb of hanging weight. A ¼ beef package costs approximately $870 for 180lbs of hanging weight. That includes processing and packaging. Again, these are averages. Your costs will change based on the hanging weight of your beef and any special packaging requests that you make.

How Much Beef Should I Buy?

Families (4 to 5 people) will typically eat a half a beef in one year. Every family is different so take into account how often you eat at home, how many people are in your household and how many times you eat beef during the week.

I HIGHLY recommend Hickory Hollow Farm. From start to finish they were with me all the way through the process. Such a great experience! The Beef is so Delicious!! Thank you Hickory Hollow.
Sandy Meyers, Repeat Customer
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