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Matt and I were raised with similar conservative values but in very different settings. I am a city girl, and he is a country boy! So no question is silly… because I probably already asked the question. And since Matt has been raising cattle since he was a kid working on his Grandpa’s farm, few questions are beyond his expertise!

Together, we want to help you find a local source for your beef at an option that works for your family!

At Hickory Hollow Farm, we raise mainly Angus cattle. We sell our beef wholesale, as well as individually packaged. Our cattle enjoy grazing on cultivated pastures during the spring, summer and fall months. During the wintertime, we move the cattle to their winter pastures, and they feast on hay and some grain.

Our cattle are pasture raised and grain finished. All our cattle are hormone-free.  

We believe in diversifying our farm, so we also grain farm and bale our own hay (and also because Matt always needs another challenge:). This allows us to create a more sustainable farm and have more of a hand in what our cattle eats. We choose the best fields we can find to bale hay for our cattle. And we make much of our own feed using corn that we grow! And yes, our cows are a bit spoiled and can sometimes turn their noses up if we have to buy hay at the end of the winter months! 

At Hickory Hollow Farm, we raise many of our cattle from birth to finishing them out. Our calving season is in the fall. So we are pretty busy during the summer and fall months! 


Here are a few of our farm VIP's


Our teen daughter works hard and can keep up with her Papa and Dad when it comes to baling hay (the hardest job out there since it seems like it has to be done on the hottest day in July!). She also helps with opening gates, driving equipment, feeding cattle and sales!


Daisy Dog is Matt’s chief side kick and all around farm dog. This girl loves to ride anything, including gators, and farm tractors. And of course, she keeps a eye out for any danger to keep her human pack safe! If you look hard enough she is seen in most of our photos!

And I’m Miranda! The chief writer behind the website and our Hickory Hollow Farm Facebook page. My main jobs include taking photos and keeping our customers up to date with everything happening around the farm. If you have any questions about purchasing beef, I will be the one taking care of you.

I love to share beef recipes with you! When we first started raising cattle I found it intimidating cooking with such a wide variety of beef cuts!  After all, most of us are used to just cooking with ground beef. I want to help you find delicious, simple recipes so you can dive right in when you bring home your wholesale beef cuts!

I also am qualified to open gates;), care for any orphaned calves, mow hay and of course run Matt around from one piece of equipment at one farm to another!

Matt is the man with the plan. Matt’s big picture approach keeps our farm continuing to move forward with his innovative ideas and love for all things farming.

Matt grew up in this area and has had his hand in farming at most stages of his life. And when it comes to farming he can do pretty much everything. He cares for the cattle, drives and maintains all the equipment, purchases seed and materials and is typically found outdoors.

Relationships are a key in this business and to Matt they are a priority. He takes seriously the business of providing premium beef so you can feed your families. And he puts in the extra time to build relationships with his fellow farmers, stepping in to help when needed.  

When he is not with his cows, you can find him listening to farming podcasts. He can also grill a mean steak!

And finally, we are grateful to still have our older boys and extended family around to help with those crazy times in farming, like hay season!

Our oldest and his lovely wife, are raising the next generation future farmer. And our oldest has been learning various aspects of farming.

Our younger son loves all things sound and video. Any of the videos and amazing drone footage on our website is due to his talent. You can find more about his videography business for weddings, real estate and commercial needs here

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