Taste the Difference: Benefits to Buying Local Beef

May 3, 2024

By: Miranda Lamb

At Hickory Hollow Farm, we sell our beef direct to local families. And we love interacting with our freezer beef customers. But typically when we sell to families, one family member has researched about buying local beef while the other family members are still learning about the advantages. So to break down the benefits to buying local beef, I thought I would share some of the top reasons to buy beef locally!

Local Beef Is Fresher and Healthier

Our cattle travel directly from our farm to the processor and then right to you! Reduced transport times means the beef travels less, keeping it fresher upon arrival. This freshness isn’t just about taste; it ensures the beef retains more nutrients. Experts agree that shorter supply chains can preserve quality and health benefits.

benefits buying local beef

Choosing farm fresh beef means that your beef is aged, cut and trimmed, and then immediately frozen. Your beef has a higher nutrient content and since it is so fresh, it will last a long time in the freezer.

Buying Local Beef Includes More Variety

One of my absolute favorite things about buying by the quarter, half or whole is the variety of beef cuts you receive! Instead of only having ground beef in your freezer, you will also receive roasts, steaks, brisket, stew meat, round steak, flank steak, sirloin tip roasts, liver, and more!

Cooking for your family everyday can be a challenge. But when your freezer is stocked full of so many options, it makes meal planning so much more fun!

benefits buying local beef

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Buying Local Supports Local Farmers

By choosing to buy meat locally, particularly farm fresh beef, you do more than just feed your family. Each purchase from a farmer allows them to continue their essential work. It’s a ripple effect that benefits all of us. Not only does this practice keep money within our community, but it also goes a long way in sustaining farming communities that might otherwise struggle to sell direct in a market dominated by wholesale beef options.

When you buy local you are supporting a local business, supporting a local family, and helping to keep the beef prices more stable. Cattle prices are not set by the farmers. But when you buy local beef you shift some of that pricing power to your local neighbors. This helps with the check and balances of beef prices and keeps a local stream of meat available.

benefits buying local beef

Most of us remember, during 2020, when you would go to the store and there was no chicken or no beef. Don’t forget those days. When you purchase farm to table beef, you support farmers, a local processor, and keep another food chain supply going. Supporting local beef is a direct investment in our collective future, and our grandkids’ futures!

Better Flavored Beef

Once you taste local beef, it is really hard to go back to buying beef at your local grocery. The steaks have delicious marbling and melt in your mouth. The ground beef is typically very lean and since it is so lean, there is more beef than typical grocery beef after it is cooked. If you’re used to the standard fare, buying a meat locally, especially beef, can be a revelation. The difference in taste will amaze you.

Our business has been built on repeat customers and families referring us to their friends and family. And I think that says a lot about how good our beef tastes!

Customize When You Buy Local Meat

Buying farm fresh beef directly from farmers mean you have more choices. You can select from an array of cuts that suits your family’s preferences, from succulent ribeyes to hearty chuck roasts to stew meat!

benefits buying local beef

When you buy wholesale by the quarter, half, or whole, you typically can choose how you want your beef cut. If you family loves to eat steak, you can order all the steaks. If you like to have big Sunday dinners, you can request that your roasts be cut bigger.

These options allow you to personalize your meals in a way that the standard retail experience just can’t match.

Read to learn more ways to customize your beef cut order? CLICK here.

Better Wholesale Price

Buying local wholesale beef means you purchase your beef in bulk. And while you pay more money upfront, you get a fabulous deal on meat and selections!

When you purchase local beef you are given one price for every cut of beef. For the same price of ground beef you also receive steaks and roasts. So while you may pay the same price for your ground beef as high end grocery store brand, you also receive New York Strip steaks and brisket for the same exact price.

And, with the elimination of middlemen in the sale process, both customers and the local farmer enjoy a financial win-win.

Our beef, once you figure in processing and packaging and actual bring home after trimming, is around $6.40-$6.70 per lb. That is a decent price for lean local beef, but a phenomenal price for steaks, roasts, and brisket.

Benefits to Buying Local Beef

Buying meat locally, especially in larger quantities, offers a better value. AND you can lock in a price months in advanced. Many of our customers order their beef months ahead by placing their deposit for their processing date. This means that once we sell you your beef at that price, we honor that price. Prices may go up in the store, but you know that you will have your beef at that guaranteed price.

Beef Is Direct from Farm to Table

The farm-to-table movement represents a short chain from farm to your dinner plates. This ensures that you get farm fresh beef, rich in nutrients and flavor. Direct dealings with farmers mean you can easily trace where you beef comes from. It’s a direct sell that benefits both the farmer and you, ensuring transparency in handling and origin.

This practice allows you to appreciate the hard work local farmers put into their produce. It makes you part of a community that values sustainability and supports local business. Moreover, by engaging directly with the farmer, you get to know the farmer and can ask questions on how your beef is raised! More benefits of local purchasing.

A good farmer should be able to tell you, in simple terms how your beef has been raised. And help you determine if they are a good fit for your family.

benefits buying local beef

Typically families decide to go with Hickory Hollow Farm for their local beef source. But occasionally, I have told a family or two that I don’t think we are a good fit for them, based on what they are looking for. At Hickory Hollow Farm, we believe our quality beef speaks for itself, but we also have a high customer service standard. I always want to help families find the best fit for them, whether it be our beef or another local farm.

Local Beef Near Me – How to Buy Local Beef

Finding local beef near you can sometimes be challenging since you are typically buying from a smaller local farm. Here are a couple places to look when you choose to buy local.

Ask Friends and Family for Recommendation. As I mentioned, most of our customers come through recommendations from friends and family.

Look on Facebook for Local Beef. We are fortunate to have both a Facebook page, email list, AND a website. But many local farms are busy…well running their farm! But a Facebook page is an easy place to advertise.

Go to Your Local Farmer’s Market. This summer, we are excited to be participating in our local farmer’s market. Farmer’s markets are a great place for farmers and customers to meet!

Buy from Hickory Hollow Farm! If you live in Central/Northern Kentucky or Southern Ohio, we would love to supply your family with delicious, pasture-raised, grain-finished beef. Our beef is $3.50 per lb of hanging weight plus processing. We sell by the quarter, half, or whole. You can find out more about buying wholesale from Hickory Hollow Farm here. Or you can go direct to our SHOP page and save a processing date today here.

Want me to walk you through how to purchase wholesale beef from Hickory Hollow Farm? Email me at mlamb@hickoryhollowfarmbeef.com or call/text Miranda at 937-302-8-1-2-3.

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