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Miranda Lamb

How to Make Beef Tallow: Easy Steps for Homemade Goodness

Beef tallow has made a recent appearance on Instagram and TikTok as an essential ingredient in some amazing handmade skin care products. Beef tallow was even featured in Glamour magazine, quite the step up in the world! So what exactly is beef tallow, and why are we just now hearing about it. Beef tallow has

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Miranda Lamb

Creamy Chicken and Sausage Pasta With White Sauce

Right behind my love affair with Tex-Mex food is my adoration of pasta! Who doesn’t relish the comfort of a bowl of steamy pasta smothered with white sauce! Yum! So I am sharing with you one of my family’s favorite dishes affectionately called, “Italian Stuff.” However, since I figured that no one on the internet,

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